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Update to the Update!! I have a new home, not far from Kim. I met my new mom and her son and we got along perfectly. She took me for a very short walk and I behaved well, until Kim wanted me to go back in the car. It was a bit crowded with the puppies in their crate there.

Well, I made it to my new moms' apartment. It is so cute! Mom has a recliner for me to sit and lay on but I was trained not to get on furniture so I may never get there. But I have a bed right next to mom which is where I want to be anyhow. We go for walks, and some of the other residents have special treats for me. I am always polite, except when I met moms' ex. I peed on his shoe. He was nice about it so I guess he is ok. I am learning more about how to play and chase a ball.... I think this spring is gonna be really nice.

I guess my new mom really needed me like I needed her, she is so happy with me and says I am so well behaved everywhere we go. I don't pull on the leash anymore hardly even. And I am happy with all the attention for just me from everyone and love to make my mom smile! She poops me out though, so I better get in shape.

Hey Kim, I need new pics!!!!! TTFN.