Kim here again, with some things we need to keep our dogs safe and comfortable. Especially during winter here in Montana.
And, some of you may be aware, some may not, of the special needs for giant breed dogs like Great Danes, Mastiffs of all sorts,
Great Pyrenees, some breeds of shepherds, and even large sized Bully breeds. So, if I ask for specific types of things, it is to prevent
injury or promote their best health. Most giant breeds grow over 2 ft in one year, often a bit more. Their dietary needs are a bit different, especially when puppies. Their protein needs are only about 24% and fat only about 12% compared to most other breeds.
Pictures are of Mia and Daisy, both available for adoption. And of Thor, adopted to be trained as a service animal. ( I have it on good authority that he is doing extremely well, loves working with his vest on and is very fast learner!)

  1. Blankets, towels, hand towels (they do drool a bit),
  2.  Beds, any type will do to keep their elbows off hard surfaces and protect them getting calluses or fluid pockets.
  3.  Toys! Most rubber ones are chewed apart easily. They do not digest rawhide well. So we prefer Nylabone type toys and ropes.
  4.  Treats, any type will be loved and begged for.
  5.  Vitamins. Currently we are using Pro-Sense from Amazon.
  6.  Hip and joint protection treats. I start them young to prevent issues.
  7.  Food! I like Gentle Giants brand from Walmart, Amazon, Chewy and where ever. It is formulated for giants, but can be used for any breed. Since they started in 2009, there has never been a recall! But any type is appreciated.
  8.  Leashes and collars. I try to use Max and Neo brand. Just a personal preference. Most solid colors have glow in the dark lines that show very well when light hits them, and I like the no chain martingales. They do less damage than a chain pulling on a throat. AND for every collar or leash purchased, one is donated to a rescue or shelter! (They have donation programs for most of their products!) 
  9. Food and water bowls, metal preferred ( easier to clean in dishwasher)
  10. Elevated food and water holders. anywhere from 12 to 18 inches. This makes it much less likely that they will get bloat, a life threatening condition that requires surgery if they are caught quickly.

That may be a long list, but if you have any questions on why we prefer specific items, please contact us. We are not trying to ask the moon, just what is best for our dogs.

Links for :

Smile.Amazon/ch/83-4683348 This takes you directly to our charity site there, you just log in your account.

https://www.maxandneo.com/pinkpawrescuesociety  This will allow you to order any of their products. This coupon  in the link will not only give YOU 10% off, but will give our rescue 10% off any order we get that month as well.       pinkpawrescuesociety10

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity. This includes any donations from the wish list, money, or just some encouragement.

Kim Reynolds, Director