The Dutchess! image The Dutchess! image The Dutchess! image
     I have been in foster now for several months and have decided I am a Dutchess. I keep everyone else in line.  I'm almost 5 yrs old but you would not know it! I like to play with my balls and especially have my piggy with me. I prefer outside when the weather is good, not too cold or too hot, but need to be inside at times as well. I am crate trained, potty trained, and good with commands. I seem to adjust well to new things and situations taking a bit of time.  I get along with most other dogs, someone my size or even a bit smaller would make a great playmate! I do not like cats at all, but they are fun to chase! And when the deer are near, I tell the deer they need to leave my space but have not tried to chase after them.

I have been told I am very sweet and loving, a true gentle giant. I am waiting to get spayed as I am a bit too old for having puppies. I also make a great guard dog letting you know when someone I don't know is near the house. But that is what a good dog does. I just bark at them.

I am good on a leash, and I LOVE to go for car rides too. I am big and don't know my own size, so older kids would be better but I do ok around smaller ones if they don't get near enough for me to knock them over.