Ms. Daisy MaeMs. Daisy MaeMs. Daisy Mae
MS.Daisy Mae!

Daisy is in a foster home now! They have 3 kids, 3 other dogs, tons of fish tanks, a rabbit and 2 pigs. She is doing great there. She is much more socialized, but a bit leery of men or tall boys til she gets to know them sitting down. Unfortunately, the pigs refuse to play with her, but she loves watching the fish and rabbit, as well as the view of trains out the front window. She has now passed dog 2.5! You would never know she had any issues before at all. And all this progress in a short 4 months. This girl learns at the speed of light! No counter stealing noted even. And the best news is that Daisy's fosters want to adopt her ***!!!!!!***

She has one last trip to the vets to check the lumps still there 3.5 months after her spay. They do not seem to be attached to her abdomen, but they are clumping together and becoming firmer . Well, she had surgery for removal
of her lumps. They kept her overnight due to a bit of bleeding. She went home to her fosters and was fine for 4 days. Then she started bleeding again and had to have ANOTHER surgery to repair the first and remove more tissue. She is now doing well and being a typical dane, laying on the sofa all day long! lol. She loves her brother and sister dogs and pigs. She gave up interest since the inside bunny is lazy but jumps like a rabbit to play with the ones outside her fenced in yard.

This is Ms. Daisy Mae!. She is a 2 and a half yr old Great Dane. She is HER puppy stage right now as she has had at least 4 litters in her short time and never got to be a puppy hardly herself. Daisy will never have to worry about having another litter as she is now spayed. She is on hold to adopt for now as she needs to learn some basic commands and gain some weight and muscles to get her girlish figure back. She does respond very quickly to her name from anyone.

Daisy has a lot of promise as a guardian dog. She let you know if something is different in the neighborhood. Daisy loves to give kisses and get lots of attention, typical of a Dane. A bit more on the clumsy side, but loves other male dogs and to play with them. Not tested on other female dogs yet. She is having to learn to be a dog since she was kept in a kennel for most of her life to date. We hope she will be ready in 6 months, but will let her determine when she is ready to be adopted.

Keep your eye on this girl, she has the potential to become quite the lady! The last picture is with my Dane, Ethan, whom I rescued and she was a kennel mate of. She also plays with Thor, who has already been adopted out and just waiting for the fence to be finished so he can go to his fur-ever home and his new mom and dad will train him as a PTSD dog.

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