Hi, my name is Kim and I am the founder and director of Pink Paw Rescue Society, Inc. PPRS is a 501(c)3 registered charity. (EIN# 83-4683348).

OUR MISSION is to speak for those that cannot. This means we want to make sure that dogs and other animals have a voice, through us. To be heard when they need help, to stop the abuse and neglect. Through educating the general public, legislation, and local laws, we want to make conditions for dogs and other animals the best it can be .

OUR GOALS are two-fold:
FIRST is to provide not only love, but food, shelter, vet care to those animals in need. We will take in any breed, but prefer giants and bully breeds for our rescue. So many are misunderstood in the way they are protective yet so gentle with the families.

THE SECOND GOAL is that our military service needs more options to care for their pet when members are deployed so they still have their pet to come home to. We can coordinate with transports and other shelters to give each dog the best foster home possible while their moms and dads are away. No matter where the dog is.

To accomplish all this, takes lots of time, volunteers and money. Yes, every non-profit needs donations of money and other supplies ( blankets, beds, food, collars and leashes, bowls, etc.) Puppy kisses are so worth your time!

The picture is of my first rescue that was not from a shelter and one of the inspirations for Pink Paw Rescue Society. A 10+ yr old Bull Mastiff from an online ad giving various medical issues as reasons to rehome him. When I first met him, he not only had several medical issues, but was severely depressed. Neither the vet or I thought he would last long, even with medical care and love. But, we underestimated the power of love and companionship. He and Maggi (the white and red Staffordshire) created a deep bond on first sight. We cleared his medical issues the best we could, the arthritis was severe and painful but he was a trooper. After some renewal of socialization skills, Mr. Who-Chi Moosey Goose was winning hearts everywhere and was very happy. The move to Lewistown, Mt. provided a challenge in stairs to the temporary apartment, and he met that well, growing stronger. We finally found a home and moved to Conrad, Mt. on Sept. 9, 2020. He loved his new home, but the pain with is arthritis and probable nerve and back issues took over. After 1.5 yrs with PPRS and Maggi, he passed on Sept. 24th, 2020 at about 12 yrs old . Maggi Moo is the inspiration for the rescue, Moosey Goose was the first rescue, a hospice patient. Such a rascal and loved by all who met him. He is very much missed by us both.

Kim Reynolds
Director, PPRS