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      Hello darlings! Yes, I am very beautiful Husky girl. They say I am a Sr. because I am about 7 yrs old. Huh! I don't feel a day over 3 yrs old. That is old enough to have some manners, as well as know what I want in my hooman and siblings. My Birthday is on August 11th.  And, as you can see, I have a very gorgeous tail and eyes.

     So that I don't waste your time, let's start with the things I do NOT want. I have to admit there are creatures called cats, but I don't think I have met one. But I am not sure I like things that go Meowwww. Such a screetchy language. And I don't get along with farm animals, esp. chickens. They run from me and I chase them... LUNCH on fast feet!

     Now to the things I know I like! Hoomans are nice, I like the foods and treats and all the attention and love I can get. I have been told I am pretty well behaved, whatever that means. I like to play a bit, so tiny hoomans night have enough energy for me! I like to go fast, so those things on wheels with doors seem like a good idea.

     I am UTD on my shots except my rabies, but I will get that soon. And I have to say I can't remember if I have been spayed or not. Mom will have to find out or check to see if I have been tatooed.