UPDATE: Maya has found her furever home! No other dogs, and lots of love. She is happy at her new home.

This is Maya, a Cane Corso!
She is 7 yrs old, about 120 #, a very sweet, loving, slightly playful on her terms, and even knows some tricks, and is ambidextrous! She walks well on a leash, has great recall and likes the nickname CowCow or MyMy. She will greet you each morning with kisses and would love to sleep in bed with you. She does good snuggles.

Her breeder adopted her out and found out at about 1.5 yrs that she was being kept in an area
that small boys had unattended access to. Therefore, she was teased and poked at with sticks, rocks,
and anything else they thought was fun. So, she is not very fond of boys, little or bigger at this time. Then
her next owners , due to that fear, put her in a separate room to protect her nephews from her acting out. So,
we are making that a work in progress. While she barks at the boys next door when they are in the tree on the fence, she is not aggressive. So we are hoping we can help her understand not all males are bad and going to tease or
hurt her. Prior to being spayed, she had some fights with other larger female hunting dogs. To be honest, they came after she was well established. She did get along well with their smaller female dog, and with puppies. While my Lily Kate is a puppy for sure, she is almost as tall as Maya at 6 months! What can you expect from a Great Dane though. lol.

At the moment her ideal home would be women only with slow introductions to visitors, and little contact with male visitors. If you work from home, or are retired and want a loving companion to alert you to visitors or changes, she is for you!

No adoption application fee... but there is an adoption fee to cover medical expenses and donations are always welcome! Walking a dog or spend8ng time with them is good too. We do this out of pocket or with donations when available.
Thank you. Kim