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UPDATE June 2023:

My name is Ivar, after the viking. I'm a bit over 2 yrs now, UTD, crate trained, and housebroken. I weigh about 50 Lbs. I like some other dogs, but can be picky, especially with males. Girls my age and about my size or bigger that are very playful are my faves, and a slow introduction is best. I am really quite shy when you meet me, maybe. hehehe. A home with cats or smaller dogs is not for me. I do get a bit territorial if you bring another dog into the house after I am there and have set up my space. I would do great as an only dog so long as I get lots of play time. Kim says I am a typical pittie with my prey drive and all.

I love car rides, and stay in my seat for the most part. I won't try to drive while you are but your empty seat calls to me. I walk so great on or off leash, but I do have a bit of prey drive. When I saw some deer, I was not sure what to do, and come great when called. I have been told I am a pretty great house guest and try to mind my manners. I am used to getting up on furniture to snuggle but will take getting off as well. I like playing with toys and you... chewing is a good thing but make it hard for me to destroy them. I pull the squeakers out of stuffies and I need the hardest toys or I can destroy a tennis ball in about 10 min.

My favorite treat is McD fries....well, any fry actually. Just make sure they are not seasoned (onion and garlic powder are usual ingredients.). but any treat you give me is appreciated and helps me bond and get to know you.

So if you are looking for a sweet lover of a boy, look no further! I do like kids and am gentle with them, but might get a bit too excited around those that are not taught proper behavior for being with a dog.

Please come and get me, I'll try to be ready for you. Viking Ivar