Dedication to  Bear and Angel Laney imageDedication to  Bear and Angel Laney imageDedication to  Bear and Angel Laney image
This page is dedicated to Mr. William 'Bear' Laney  and Clare Angella (Angel) Laney in Rudyard, Mt.
They both passed after a car accident. Bear had had many occupations, including the Army. Angel kept things going and was the social butterfly. Both of them have given not only some financial assistance, but have helped in so many other ways. Donating yard sale items, time working with me to help get the dogs introduced and working together. Training tips for some and my Dane pup Lily Kate. She is so great due to their help. They even helped me move when we needed it. There is so much more I could say, but I will just say they were both great friends and supporters of PPRS.

Please help honor their memories. Donate to a local shelter or rescue. If money is an issue, donate time or old towels, blankets, metal bowls, dog food, or volunteer to walk to just love on
a few dogs or cats. Also, please let your friends know we are here and spread the word. You never know how just doing that can help a home be found for an animal that needs it.
Thank you so much in advance. Kim