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Hi everyone!

I have been adopted! They filled out the application, talked with Kim who checks everything out and they were approved! Pending the home visit. Which we did too. I met my new mom and dad and they are so nice. I have a big house with a HUGE yard to roam. they live at the top of a bluff and you can see the whole city from there. There is a porch that goes on forever upstairs if I want to stay out of the yard. We drove 6 hours to get me here for the home check. My new mom shares custody with her ex for 2 dogs and we made sure to meet them. I'm really laid back so it was not an issue. They also had a dog friend they dog sit for, so I met 3 new friends. I was a lady and behaved well, but it was a bit overwhelming at first, but 30 min later we all were pals.

Kim got pics of my first night there and I am just cool, calm and relaxed next to mom and my Irish Wolfhound brother. She said I look so spoiled and loved already. I think I'm gonna be a daddy's girl, but I am there to keep mom company while she works and my brothers are not here. I'll see if mom can get some pics of me to share at my new home. I'll miss Lily (Kims' dog) and Kim, but this way she can find more amazing homes for other pupper dogs that need them.


I'm Brighla and I think I'm so pretty. Well, right now I could loose a few pounds, but still my coat is so fluffy it is hard to tell.

A bit about me: I am a mix of I think St. Bernard and maybe a bit of collie. That explains my fluffy coat, but not really my golden color. Maybe there is some Golden Retriever in me somewhere??? Anyway, I am about 3.5 years old and 1.5 yrs ago I had a repair to my ACL. That is one reason for me to be maybe just a couple lbs thinner than normal. I love going on walks, playing with balls and toys, getting a car rides, or just hanging at home. I do enjoy giving and getting affection. I may not be a snuggle bug tho. I have been in a couple of homes and am pretty good at supporting my family when someone is a bit down or is having trouble. I try not to get in your face, but sometimes it needs to be done!

Kim said she will make sure I am UTD on vaccines. And I am also spayed, crate trained (I really never need it), housebroken, great with other dogs. I just ignore them if they are pesky. I like kids that are great around dogs and I do tolerate those that are not, but they do test any dogs' patience!. Oh, I am used to a doggy door as well. I like to sleep in a bed next to you on the floor, and have learned I like sitting on a couch . Since my coat is so thick, it can get matted easily if I am not brushed often. I am patient and like being brushed when I don't have mats, they hurt!

I think I would like a home with other dogs, they are fun to play with. But if I am an only dog that is ok too. Like I said kids are fine, but please don't let them pull my ears or tail or tease me. Even if they do, I will just walk away and learn to ignore them. I don't bite or growl. A lady behaves better. I do have some experience in being trained for ESA or service dog, but was just getting started before my ACL went out. So it has been a while.

I am currently in Rudyard, but might be able to make a trip to Great Falls with mom and dad if we are headed there. I hope you are my new person or people. See ya soon!