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Bosco is my name, and I am smooth as can be. For a 16 month old mix of Great Pyrenees, St Berard and Anatolian Shepherd!. I have been around sheep til I was 3 months, and around horses. I like female dogs so far, hey, what guy doesn't!!!! I am not so great around other male dogs, I want to be the big boss. I have had 18 weeks of obedience training so I am great on leash, off leash in woods (ecollor just to be safe, but only on buzz), I love rides in a car and behave well. I do well in house but can be protective of my peeps home, but that is the Anatolian in me, I bark and scare them. If I think I need to, I will protect, so make sure your friends get to know me and I will be a cool dude.

I am used to a fenced in yard. I love the snow and water, and I have been told that with more practice, I will become a World Class Kayaker! I wobble a bit now. My current pawrents think I would be a great LGD, but I would need some training. Also, you need to understand guardian breeds, and be patient and understanding. I am still just a giant puppy so will grow a bit more and fill out. I might even do great if there is a girlfriend to guard with to show me the ropes!

Kim is listing me here as a courtesy for my mom and dad, but Pink Paws will still have you fill out all the forms and sign the adoption contract. Kim does keep in touch with most of her adopted babies (she thinks we are just on loan since she can't have all the dogs in the world!) so she can help with anything you might need. I am not neutered at this time, so there will be contract for that as well.

Please let Kim know if you want to come visit me and she will set it up. I am big, so probably no tiny toddlers to knock over. I don't want to hurt them but I don't always know my energy level or how big I am now.

I want to meet my new family soon, so please hurry if you think I would be a great fit in your lifestyle. Camping is next on my list!

Love my peeps, Bosco!