Head puppy

Update! I am now adopted out to a great home! Mom is in school at University and I get so much attention from everyone! I'll keep you updated. Hi! I'm Charlotte and I'm about 10 weeks now. I am your typical high energy, friendly little girl. I'm curious, and just learning about the world! I am up to date on puppy shots and worming and ready to come home and play and learn how to be a great dog. Our breed is smart, active and gets along great with other animals. We do have registered parents, but are coming to you without them. There will also be a spay/neuter contract and refund of partial fee when proof given.

Oscar Mayer

Second in command

Update! I got adopted too! I miss my siblings a bit, but I love my new mom and dad. They are teaching me a lot!. Call me Oscar! Even though Charlotte said just about everything she could about girl dogs, I am all rough and tumble boy! I like to run and play A LOT! Take me home and i'll follow you anywhere and back. Don't tell Charlotte, but I'm smarter than she is! Na, Na, Na, na, nahhhhh! LOL


Last in line

Update! Someone decided they liked me. I got to go home with them and am coming out of my shell. Lots of new things to see and do and get into! Hi. My name is Albert, I'm a bit on the shy side til I get to know you better. I tend to stay near for comfort and have you protect me... unless it is from from sister! Then she is the one I like to play with most. Most of the time. I'm getting a bit more bold with my brothers. One day, I will rule!



Update! I got adopted too! Last one, my brother made it out before I did. I liked hanging with the big dogs. But I like my new home and everyone here. They keep me busy and I get to learn new things. Isabel. Such royal intonations! I should be in charge, but Charlotte rules. For now. I am told I am so sweet and like to get in your lap if you will let me. Like all my brothers and sisters, I am smart and will learn fast when taught with care. Bring me home and you will have a best friend furever. PIcs will be coming, for some reason the computer does not want to show me off!


gate keeper

Update! I got a great new home and am just so loved. I get to play all day! Elliot here. I'm fairly low keyed compaired to the others. But like to play and sleep alot. They say when a dog sleeps 16 hours a day they are happy! I'm happy here, but my mom told me having my own family is even better! So, family, here I come, and you darn tooting better be ready for one playful pupperooni!