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05 Jan

 I am starting this rescue for a plethera of reasons, but mainly because of my love for animals,  especially dogs. I see so many posts online of abuse, puppy mills and backyard breeders asking thousands of dollars for a dog. There is little thought given to the health and the medical issues breeding different breeds may cause. So many are bred to get blue eyes, or a double Merle,  and blind and deaf dogs are now prevalent due to breeding. I want to see what difference we at PPRS can make. Not just for those in my area, but everywhere. So, we are slowing building our relationships with other rescues, shelters, transports and anything else we can on a local and national level to help get dogs placed in good homes where love is the main ingredient in having a great relationship with your dog. By donating money, your time and energy, or adopting you can help as well. A single act of kindness to an animal ANYWHERE makes a huge difference. I don't know who coined the phrase but here goes: " You may not change the world for every animal, but you can take one animal and change it's world forever" This makes it possible for everyone to do some relatively small thing to help make the overall effect HUGE!!

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