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18 Apr

This is, for now, about Maggi and Moosey. Maggi is the beautiful  red and white Pit Bull (American Staffordshire to be exact) at 9 yrs old, still having the energy of a puppy when she chooses and a shelter rescue that was bypassed for several months. She gives such great kisses,  on your nose, mouth or ear! Moosey is the handsome Bull Mastiff, coming in at 130 # of lean, mean, loving muscle and now 11.5 yrs old. He is the rescues' first rescue. I thought he was going to be a hospice adoption from a private family. He had milky coating on his eyes, severe arthritis, ear and dental issues, along with a lesion on his paw. So, we got him fixed up, still has the arthritis, but goes like crazy following me around. He loves walks, car rides, and being bossed by his sissy, Maggi. Not to mention his love of eating snow! That was almost a year ago now, and I cannot picture life without him or Maggi in my life. They both add so much to my life and are the inspirations for the shelter, at least in part. Previous dogs Kasey and Sasha have helped inspire as well. The picture here is of Maggi and Moosey on Mooseys  first visit to the veterinarians. Maggi will go off in one direction, and Moosey follows. If I go in  a different direction, they follow me. Sometimes it seems like I am Mother Goose, but there is nothing like having a dogs' total devotion to you and giving unconditional love. I am sure they both were abused in the past based on behavior and a few small physical things, like filed teeth that I have noted. But they are both fine now. Well, except Moosey does not like to be without me near, esp at the vets. They are not his favorite people at all. But they both love people and other dogs in general and are a striking pair when out and about.  And I think I am rambling now, so I will stop now. Pictures will change, esp. when Moosey gets an adventure started. 

Thanks Kim.

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