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27 Jun


 17 Sep


Well, am I shocked and surprised. Very happily! 

     I posted an announcement on our local online classified. From that we now have 2 foster volunteers! We did go through some flakes as well, but I think these 2 gals will do well by us. Right now they are getting some things in order to give full time to their foster when they arrive. 

     We received 1 large and 2 medium plastic crates along with a parrot cage from one donor. A neighbor that moved provided a small wire crate as well. 

     AND as the topping on a sundae,  the collar and leash manufactures MAX & NEO sent us a box of collars and leashes and a couple of toys as well.  MAX & NEO donate one leash or collar for everyone bought. I got mine for my pack on Amazon. They are sturdy, some have a reflective thread, and the colors and designs POP at you!

     That is alot for 2.5 weeks! lol But I want to thank everyone who donated for helping this to become a reality. But, the real icing on the cake is that we have filed our 501c3!!! I am of course on pins and needles til we get notified. 

     I am still putting together a lot of paperwork required for the corporation, so I will try to keep everyone posted on what is going on and when!

Thanks for reading. 


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