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27 Jun

Moving Day!




04 Nov 19


Well, I know some of you are keeping up with things and that is appreciated. The rescue is changing locations.. to a new state! We have looked around for a place to set up our rescue, and it is just too expensive here in the Salt Lake City area. Great for transporting, but not if we cannot afford more than what I can personally at this point. So, we are moving to Montana! I have lived there before and found the space and people to be great. Lewistown is where we will put toes in and then look for property that is appropriate for dogs. There is a shelter in Lewistown, so hopefully I can volunteer there and get known and some pointers. So, on  Nov. 11th, Maggi, Moosey and I will take the 26 ft Uhaul, car towed in back and make the 560 mile trip. I am expecting 2 days as dogs need out to exercise, drink, and so does their mom. We will see how my back does, as well as the dogs. Moose is a bit more of concern than Maggi. He tires on trips longer than 3 hours, and gets grumpy if he cannot lay down. Not to mention getting him to use the ramp to get up and down out of the truck. I will let you all know once we are settled in.

Wish us luck!

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