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      I hope ya'll have liked what you  have read and seen so far. This is where we will keep you up on our progress as we get things off the ground. The most important things right now is obtaining a property large enough to have the rescue on, our non profit status, and dogs to have for adoption.  

     Donations of any sort will go directly to the setting up of this shelter, including property. We are looking for a larger piece of land, 1 acre or more in Montana.  So, if you are or know someone in that area that wants to help by donating some land, please have them contact us @ PinkPawRescueSociety@gmail.com We are hoping to open in a permanent location in the next 12 months

 I am also looking for volunteers to help in all aspects of the rescue, now and in the future.

Thank you so much for your time in looking at our site and any help you can offer at any time. 

Kim Reynolds



     Great News! Actually, lots of it! We are now officially a Wyoming Registered Non-profit INC ! We are working on our 501(c)3. We just launched this website, officially! And our first rescue by a volunteer was made! And our second will happen Sunday!

     Shari ( my friend in Kentucky) saw a panhandler with a dog that was so thin the ribs were showing, in need of a bath, love and much vet care. She paid the man $20 out of her own pocket, and when he went to put her money away, he had a huge roll of bills. Since neither she nor the rescue had funds at the time, she took the dog to a no kill shelter. She and her dog visited every day, and when the dog got adopted after all the medical was done, she met the adopters and is able to visit.  Great job Shari! and thank you for your help. 

     Our next rescue is older gentleman, a Mastiff. He will be a Hospice dog, at 10.5 yrs old, has not been to a vet in 2.5 yrs. with current owners who adopted him from a shelter. He has bad hips, is in pain from that, and is overweight. They stated he may have an abscessed tooth, so in  need of a good dental. And a bath! I pick him up on Sunday 5/11/19. So, since his hips cause pain, no tub bath at this time. He is friendly and he and Maggi have met and that even got him not only walking around the yard, but he even ran a bit (kinda like a slow motion movie!) LOL A bath and the vet for vaccinations, xrays of his hips, and to get an idea of his current weight. I estimate about 160-180. We will see. He is very laid back and mostly just lays around the yard and house they say. We will get him all set up with meds and supplements to keep him as pain free and healthy as possible

     We will take any donation you are able to make to help with his initial vet bills will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much for all your support in any way you can give it. Remember, every dog matters and deserves love and a happy home furever. 



     I did not get pick up the Bull Mastiff as planned on Sunday, car in shop not able to get parts in time. Sooo, I picked him up Thurs. after school was out so the kids could say their goodbyes. And since he is a hospice dog, they can come visit any time.

     Picked him up, slowly got into the backseat with Maggi, put on huge grin as we drove off. (not sure if that was cause he was going for a ride or leaving where he was). Both dogs decided they had to sit right behind me, so that left Maggi close to getting squished a bit, but no complaints. Got home, fed and watered them both, gave Who Chi Moose a vit D, and some Scooby Snacks to both.

     Fri., am, to the Vets., with both dogs in tow. Maggi seemed to keep him calm with everything changing so much. He is not a big fan of  the vet. , or at least her attempts to examine him. We hated to do so, but had to muzzle him. (: .  Trying to take a bite out of the vet is not allowed. His eyes are cloudy, but not like a cataract, so we thought maybe allergies. She did not get a good look at teeth, hard to see with a muzzle, but he will need a dental soon, and I think removal of at least 1 lower canine, maybe both and I am counting on at least 4 other teeth just to have a good estimate. Severe arthritis in both hips, and right knee. His ears are a bit thickened, and have some crusties, so I will work on cleaning them. Then we get to his skin on lower legs and front paws. He seems to have a skin allergy, giving him sores that are scabbed over on all 4 lower legs, and pododermatitis on both front feet, so paws. We did run some blood work, no kidney or liver issues, and no diabetes. Cholesterol level is up a bit, but then at 140 # he is about 20# overweight. He drinks about 2 gallons a day, and of course needs to go out often. Whew!, such a lot wrong with him. And he is NOT a fan of the bathtub at all. Not even for a doggie cookie!. 

     So, we have him on Keflex, to help with any secondary infections. Then on Apoquel for allergies. The cloudiness in his eyes seems to be less, but could be wishful thinking on my part. But part of what the vet thought might be allergies. Then, since he is so arthritic, Tramadol for pain. Hey, wait, his dose is double mine! lol. And last, but not least, Rimadyl for inflammation of arthritis.  All this for the low sum of $450.00! LOL.

     He seems to be doing well, for both his medical issues and adjusting to a new home. He may be over 10, but is learning the home routine well. But he does have a penchant for exploring. Scared the tar out of me when the glass door did not close all the way and he got out. Maggi stayed in. Caught up with him 1/4 mile down the road at the Jr. High football field. Whew!. I have not had a dog wander off in over 30 yrs. But now he has a tag on his collar that gives his name and "call my mom, she's ugly crying" and my #. 

     Other than that he is such a sweetie. On his meds he gets on the couch, will climb behind me if he can, or lay next to me with is head on my shoulder. Just a huge pile of furry dog muffin. I wish I could post a pic here of him and Maggi at the vets.. laying next to each other, his front legs splayed out, and Maggi put her paw over his as if to say, its ok, I'm here for ya bud. Sometimes they both pile on me and I get buried for a few min. under the pile of dogs that looks like it should be 10 but is only 2. He has added so much to my life and Maggi's... esp. now they both get 1/2 slice of bread with peanut butter on it twice a day. For Moose, it has his meds. For Maggi, it is a yummy mouth sticking treat. Well, I better go before I keep babbling on about the 2 of them, .... Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone.


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