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31 Aug

Hi Everyone!  So much has happened in the last 12 months or so. We finally found a house with a fenced in yard and moved in on Sept. 10, 2020.  As you know Mr. Who-Chi Moosey Goose had severe arthritis and was about 11.5 yrs when we drove cross country to my parents in Fla. to see family. He did well on the trip for an old man, was glad to get back home. But we still lived in the studio with stairs for him and me to climb at least 10 times a day. Hard on me, harder on him. Hence looking for a single level house. He started having more pain and trouble with hind end nerves mid Aug. So we upped his pain meds, and started him on higher doses of Gabepentin.He did well after a few days but had a small setback a few days before the move, so no more stairs for him. A friend was kind enough to let us stay there with only 4 steps to go up. We got moved and he blossomed again with the  yard and so much room to move around in! As with most creatures, they rally before they go. Moosey stopped eating and drinking 3 days before he passed in my arms. Maggi gave him a kiss goodbye and stayed close by us both. I told him we would be fine and it was time for him to go. It was ok, We would be sad, but would see him again. He took a few deep breaths and was gone. I miss him so much even now. He was an inspiration for the breed of Bull Mastiff (so long as you were not a veterinarian! lol) for being a gentle giant. A very protective and very much loved fur baby. He finally got his golden wings to fly to the Rainbow Bridge to join all my other passed pups and cats in forever being young, healthy, happy and whole again. I see him watching over everyone, then running towards everyone else to play. He is their protector now. Fly high, proud and strong Moosey.

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