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15 Dec

Hi, from Moosey and Maggi! We are just chilling for mom here. If we aren't with her, we are together. This is at our old apartment in Bountiful, UT.  Obviously this is before the BIG MOVE to Lewistown, MT. But, in packing things up, momma kept telling us we were all going there and that we would like it. We got so excited we tried to help her pack! But, she said we could be more help keeping look out in another room. What she meant was to not help her so much, so we just watched TV and slept while she packed. 

But she finally got us all packed and moved. Maggi hogged the front seat, so Moosey stayed on the floor of the U=Haul truck for the most part. Moosey said he liked it there, no sense watching things in the dark. Besides, he could take a long nap. 

We all got to Lewistown, put things in storage and got a twin bed for us. Yes, they both tried to snuggle up at night. I had to keep them off at night, but daylight it was up for grabs. The efficiency we got was small, but only for about 4 months then we would find a bigger place with a yard and no stairs. Those stairs got the  best of me and Moosey at times. Both our knees would complain. No wonder with Moosey going out about every 2 hours. But he put on some muscle in those hind legs he needed. Kept him on pain meds and supplements, he loves his treats. Of course Maggie got them too. 

More later! Moosey and Maggi, my little M & M's!

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