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27 Jun





15 Dec


Hi everyone! Well, we manged to move, not quite in the time frame excepted. LOL. I had help to load truck on 11/9, and still had stuff to load. Doing it myself took way too long, but finally left the apt. on 11/16 and started up to MT. Dogs traveled well until we all got out of truck on day 2 for gas and potty breaks. Moosey decided he did not want to get back in, even tho I used treats, he would only go so far up the stairs no matter how I encouraged him with food. A kind stranger got in the cab with Maggi, and dangled another treat in front while I literally brought up the rear!. Drove straight thru after that..got the car unloaded off dolly and things in storage to get dogs back in car. Moosey has always had a difficult time getting in and out of the car, but not any more! Seems going up and down a full flight of stairs several times a day has added muscle to his legs. And boy does that work well for him, he can almost drag me wherever he wants to go. So I will be getting a Halti collar for him to stop the pulling. 

More news is that I think I have found a place to get the Shelter rooted down to. Large house with out building and garage on 10 YES TEN acres!!  All for only $150,300.00. I still have to do some checking on the local laws and all to make sure we can get there, then get approved for the loan. It is a HUD home, so hoping things will work well as a nonprofit. So much to do. Cross your fingers for us, and please send in donations for the property to be put in the shelters name. 

Our board members are thrilled that we have found such a large place for so little. The house seems to need little repair, one bath needs to be finished on the walls (they are taped and plastered)and of course appliances. The plan is to  transform the outbuilding to house volunteers as they are there. We will be close to the Canadian border, so will work with them within reasonable range to help them as well. My mind is going 5 million miles an hour at this time... forgive the rambling. 



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