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01 Jun

4 15 2020

Well, it sure has been a different life than any of us imagined! 

Since Covid 19 and all it's restrictions, things have ground to a halt. At Least here in Lewistown. All housing for rent has closed down. Even a house for rent is either staying empty, or they have raised the rents and prices for sale to what I would see in Salt Lake City, UT!!!! That said, we are still in our tiny little apartment. The landlord offered me a different place, to look at on Mon when current tenant was out. Sent me pics, and a friend and I went to see the address. It was perfect! Lots of room for all 3 of us and only about 4 steps.  So, I text her back saying it looks perfect and she tells me she rented it already! So, our hopes are crashed. No ground floor apts available under their care, they say. Moving on. 

I then got a message from my mom that my dad was in hospital and very ill. So we rent a car, and pack it up for a cross country trip to Florida! Traveling down there was different for sure! Stopping to potty and walk around every 2-3 hours and get gas (I was traveling during the day on secondary roads so wanted to keep the tank filled well). I put 1100 miles in on the first 24 hours. I was beat, but the dogs took it all in stride. Moosey would get a bit controlling if he needed out. He would cry out and it would sound like a cross between a wounded cow and a puppy crying for it's momma.  Well, second day, not so many miles and took nap in the car when I got tired. Made it for the approx 2700 miles in 2.5 days! I stayed out of Texas and Louisiana due to virus. They would not let you into Louisiana if you had been in Tx and vice versa. At the Fl border they did have a check point. I think they just let me through because of the dogs! (that and I answered the questions correctly).

Made it to mom's house, and could relax a bit. Dad out of hospital, but on hospice. Mom had things set up for us and Moosey loved being outdoors, Maggi the princess she is, preferred indoors. So she stayed in when I was not there. Moosey became the center off attn there and Grandma sure spoiled him! If he barked she would fill up his water bucket immediately and give him a treat. If we both had to leave the house, he stayed in the garage since he has his potty issue. And I know you are gonna say that was wrong due to heat and humidity. Wrong. It only got up to the low 70s. when we were there and humidity stayed below 50%!! Talk about perfect weather! It did get hot and sticky the day we left, so it was all good. 

The trip home was much slower as we took off to Kentucky to meet my volunteer, then to Illinois to see an old roommate and fellow retired nurse. Was so nice to meet them and see them, I wish I had more time with each of them. We then cut across and up to South Dakota to see  Mount Rushmore! I could only go up to the visitor center, no tours were allowed :(  . But I did get a couple of pics. One more checked off my bucket list. So sad to see everything on the way closed. But places I wanted to see will be there another time.

Moosey and Maggi took the trip like champs, but I have to admit it, that tiny apt sure felt good to get home to at the end of May. Then it was spring for about 2 min in Mt. and then into summer. It got hot and muggy like Fla. Yuck! But we survived it all. And in keeping a lookout for a house with a fenced yard, I found one for us! 

More later. Moosey and Maggi say Hi! and  I will get more pics up of them soon. 


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