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27 Jun

Moosey update!




28 Aug


I know it has been a while since I have written about Moosey Goose. I am happy to say he is doing great! Feet are almost healed, he is moving so much better, and is very well behaved. Well, until he is left alone with full run of the apt. I have discovered he is a closet counter surfer as well as being a bit passive/aggressive. He loves bread and will go to any lengths to get it .. even to the back of the stove for a whole loaf! And his new favorite snack is Chex mix... my fault for leaving it on the sofa. He will go days without an accident, then have several when left with Maggi in the bedroom for more than 3-4 hours in several days in a row. As I said before, he is a momma's boy, thru and thru! He will hold it for up to about 4-5 hours with me in the house with him or thru the night when we go to bed in same room. No, his kidneys and liver are great, and not diabetic and no infection as we checked for that. I wish I could have someone tape a video of him dancing for his arthritis treats.. he loves them and the nightly routine to get them while Maggi gets Scooby Snacks (any type of dog treat). But he is one of the family.. if I take him out without Maggi, she checks him over like he is her pup when he comes in, never mind she can watch from the door and see him the whole time! lol. 

So I think we can call this a successful rescue. Speaking of which, we are getting alot of responses from people every where. Fosters are so great. Well, more later on Moosey, Maggi and the next foster. 

Thanks. Kim

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