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27 Jun

The adventures of Moosey & Maggi




28 Aug


As most of you have figured out by now, we live in an apt. A 4 plex actually, and have been the only dogs in the building to worry about. So when I noticed the upstairs neighbors had a new dog, I went out and greeted them all. Very nice dog, mix with longish hair, black and white.  Suggested that since we were liable to bump into each other with the dogs in tow, that we set a time, and introduce the dogs one at a time, to each other. Agreed on, so I kept our usual routine of walking around the building with them both.  Friday comes and we are out walking, I talk to the dogs while walking so everyone knows we are out, and can hear us.  We almost were 3/4 the of the way around the building, in the back. I hear doggie paw sounds, turn around and there is the neighbor with her dog. Her dog barks, that bark when they are afraid of another dog (or maybe it is challenging it ?). So Maggi turns and does her super-enthusiastic rush to say hi... but then when the other dog started barking, it became a mad rush . So, she reached the end of a new long leash ( from Wish.. looked good but not), it broke about 8 inches from her head ( I had a martingale with a chain to not choke her when she pulls), throwing her collar off her head! I give her the OUT and Leave it commands as she rushes to the other dog, who immediately jumps to reach Maggi and bite before Maggi gets there. There was a good 25 ft between us parents, Maggi on a 15 ft leash. Other mom just shrieks, does not pick up her dog. And so the fight is on... I drop Mooseys' leash, and rush to grab Maggi, not realizing til all is said and done that her collar flew off. I get pulled down trying to grab either dog, and we roll around with my arms and hands in the way. I am terrified Maggi is killing the other dog due to the sounds she is making, so I shove my hand in her mouth to make her let go. Finally got where other dog could get into a space Maggi could not reach. I find her collar, put it on and lead her and Moosey back to the apt. At this time the police are there, along with EMT and soon after animal control.  I notice Maggi and I are covered in blood when I come out to talk to police. We figured out it is from me, where the smaller dog got his teeth sunk in and tore a few spots. No injuries to the little dog.

 I look down and see my left hand has all these tiny bite marks, along with deep cuts where teeth dragged thru my skin. I was the only person injured, and of course was reminded never to get in the middle of a dog fight. But I had to save the other dog! Maggi is pit bull and I did not want to have a breed misconseption destroy her. Davis county animal control assessed the situation, looked at me and realized that the only marks I had were made by the little dog, Ash, and everyone had had their shots. So Maggi, Moosey, and Ash all got 10 days of house arrest, just to be sure. When I got back inside to look at Maggi with friends, I saw bite marks on her muzzle and neck, and on her left eye. She had torn her 3rd eyelid. Thank goodness she is a pibble, never scratched at or rubbed her eye while healing. NO Surgery! At least for the dog.. me, I got 4 loose stitches on worst tear to the bone. Dr did not put in more as he assumed it would get infected and drain. Not. 

So, the moral being, no matter how good your dog is with other dogs, a proper introduction is the best thing you can do to ensure that there are no fights or other issues. If my neighbors had done as I had asked, I would not have had to spend $450 on me and $225 for Maggi. Make sure you always have your dog on a leash.. esp when meeting new dogs. A short leash will give control. No matter how good your dog is with other dogs, the other dog may not be as good or may be afraid due to new environments. I have owned dogs for the last 35 yrs myself and my whole childhood. This is the first fight I have ever had with any of my dogs. I hope it is the last... but not making bets on it. LOL. Be careful out there. Be a defensive dog  owner, look out for other dogs behavior as well as your dogs to try to avoid a fight. 


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