Bella image

OMG! I have a great new home. It is on 12 acres! I don't know if my legs will let me explore that much at one time. My new mom and dad already had 2 dogs, so I still have some company. One is a young dog, and boy does he like to play. The other dog is about 10 yrs and does not always want to play due to arthritis. But, I love to play! And they have so many balls for me to chase. I may have only one eye, but sometimes I find it before my brothers do.

Ok, I ended up have surgery to remove my eye. Thank you to everyone that donated for it.
I am all healed up and still beating the pants off my brothers! I take toys when I can, esp. from Wesson. He is a big german shepherd and grumbles but I'm so cute he can't resist. Tigger on the other hand could be a it more polite, but he is still basically a puppy at heart!.

I have been there almost 4 months now and do you know what? I just found out we share our crate/bed area with a rabbit! And he has been here the whole time! Boy I thought it was just Wesson smelling funny! lol. Watching the rabbit is great, I call it Bunny TV!

I love my new family so much. We go and do things together and take wonderful hikes.

See ya later, gator! Bella out.