Pink Paw Rescue Society

501(c)3 Nonprofit

Hi, my name is Kim and I am the founder and director of Pink Paw Rescue Society, Inc. PPRS is a 501(c)3 registered charity. (EIN# 83-4683348).

OUR MISSION is to speak for those that cannot. This means we want to make sure that dogs and other animals have a voice, through us. To be heard when they need help, to stop the abuse and neglect. Through educating the general public, legislation, and local laws, we want to make conditions for dogs and other animals the best it can be .

OUR GOALS are two-fold:
FIRST is to provide not only love, but food, shelter, vet care to those animals in need. We will take in any breed, but prefer giants and bully breeds for our rescue. So many are misunderstood in the way they are protective yet so gentle with the families.

THE SECOND GOAL is that our military service needs more options to care for their pet when members are deployed so they still have their pet to come home to. We can coordinate with transports and other shelters to give each dog the best foster home possible while their moms and dads are away. No matter where the dog is.

To accomplish all this, takes lots of time, volunteers and money. Yes, every non-profit needs donations of money and other supplies ( blankets, beds, food, collars and leashes, bowls, etc.) Puppy kisses are so worth your time!

The picture is of my first rescue that was not from a shelter and one of the inspirations for Pink Paw Rescue Society. A 10+ yr old Bull Mastiff from an online ad giving various medical issues as reasons to rehome him. When I first met him, he not only had several medical issues, but was severely depressed. Neither the vet or I thought he would last long, even with medical care and love. But, we underestimated the power of love and companionship. He and Maggi (the white and red Staffordshire) created a deep bond on first sight. We cleared his medical issues the best we could, the arthritis was severe and painful but he was a trooper. After some renewal of socialization skills, Mr. Who-Chi Moosey Goose was winning hearts everywhere and was very happy. The move to Lewistown, Mt. provided a challenge in stairs to the temporary apartment, and he met that well, growing stronger. We finally found a home and moved to Conrad, Mt. on Sept. 9, 2020. He loved his new home, but the pain with is arthritis and probable nerve and back issues took over. After 1.5 yrs with PPRS and Maggi, he passed on Sept. 24th, 2020 at about 12 yrs old . Maggi Moo is the inspiration for the rescue, Moosey Goose was the first rescue, a hospice patient. Such a rascal and loved by all who met him. He is very much missed by us both.

Kim Reynolds
Director, PPRS

Application ProcessApplication ProcessApplication Process
How do I  adopt one of our dogs you might ask. Great question!

First, look through the dogs we have available. Don't see what you want? Email us with what you are looking for as for breed, characteristics, temperament, size, what you expect from a dog. See one that tugs the heartstrings? Again, just email us and we can
send out an application to make sure you and the dog are compatible. Please be sure to indicate of you have a specific dog in mind, and give us a reason you want a dog in your life and some basic information on your living situation. There are no wrong answers, well maybe if you live on Mt. Everest! Some of our dogs come from bad situations and we do not want to set them up to fail by placing them in a similar situation. ( like placing one on a farm when they have a proven high prey drive for farm animals, or maybe don't like women). Once your application has been filled out and approved, you can visit the dog.

Please give us at least 72 hours notice as some of our dogs may be in a foster and we need to work around their schedule.

If you are looking for PTSD dog, there is a different application process involved requiring verification of the information provided as well as how the dog is provided to adopt. Please give breed requests or size as well. The dog may be trained for your specific needs or their training may need to be continued elsewhere, based on your needs and availability of trainers at the time. When we are done training the dog, then it is your turn to get trained! LOL. But true.

After you have met and fallen in love with your choice for a pet and they seem to like you too, we will do a home check.
If you have live on an 18 wheeler or travel bus that should be fine, but you may need to come to us. Even if you live in a regular house or apartment, you can still adopt a dog! A fenced in yard is preferred but not required in most cases. We do check landlords for permission to have the dog, and will make sure that if there are any questions from your landlord we will be able to answer them.

Thank you!

Kim here again, with some things we need to keep our dogs safe and comfortable. Especially during winter here in Montana.
And, some of you may be aware, some may not, of the special needs for giant breed dogs like Great Danes, Mastiffs of all sorts,
Great Pyrenees, some breeds of shepherds, and even large sized Bully breeds. So, if I ask for specific types of things, it is to prevent
injury or promote their best health. Most giant breeds grow over 2 ft in one year, often a bit more. Their dietary needs are a bit different, especially when puppies. Their protein needs are only about 24% and fat only about 12% compared to most other breeds.
Pictures are of Mia and Daisy, both available for adoption. And of Thor, adopted to be trained as a service animal. ( I have it on good authority that he is doing extremely well, loves working with his vest on and is very fast learner!)

  1. Blankets, towels, hand towels (they do drool a bit),
  2.  Beds, any type will do to keep their elbows off hard surfaces and protect them getting calluses or fluid pockets.
  3.  Toys! Most rubber ones are chewed apart easily. They do not digest rawhide well. So we prefer Nylabone type toys and ropes.
  4.  Treats, any type will be loved and begged for.
  5.  Vitamins. Currently we are using Pro-Sense from Amazon.
  6.  Hip and joint protection treats. I start them young to prevent issues.
  7.  Food! I like Gentle Giants brand from Walmart, Amazon, Chewy and where ever. It is formulated for giants, but can be used for any breed. Since they started in 2009, there has never been a recall! But any type is appreciated.
  8.  Leashes and collars. I try to use Max and Neo brand. Just a personal preference. Most solid colors have glow in the dark lines that show very well when light hits them, and I like the no chain martingales. They do less damage than a chain pulling on a throat. AND for every collar or leash purchased, one is donated to a rescue or shelter! (They have donation programs for most of their products!) 
  9. Food and water bowls, metal preferred ( easier to clean in dishwasher)
  10. Elevated food and water holders. anywhere from 12 to 18 inches. This makes it much less likely that they will get bloat, a life threatening condition that requires surgery if they are caught quickly.

That may be a long list, but if you have any questions on why we prefer specific items, please contact us. We are not trying to ask the moon, just what is best for our dogs.

Links for :

Smile.Amazon/ch/83-4683348 This takes you directly to our charity site there, you just log in your account.  This will allow you to order any of their products. This coupon  in the link will not only give YOU 10% off, but will give our rescue 10% off any order we get that month as well.       pinkpawrescuesociety10

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity. This includes any donations from the wish list, money, or just some encouragement.

Kim Reynolds, Director

This is Mia, a Cane Corso!
She is sweet, loving, playful and even knows some tricks!
Due to a previous situation, she needs to be the only female dog and have no boys under the age of 10 in household.
Mia loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, just having her hooman there with her as much as possible!
You can see more pics and information on Mia @:

Please email us and we will send out an adoption application for within the state of Mt. at this time.
Thank you. Kim
Ms. Daisy MaeMs. Daisy MaeMs. Daisy Mae
Daisy is in a foster home now! They have 3 kids, 3 other dogs, tons of fish tanks, a rabbit and 2 pigs. She is doing great there. She is much more socialized, but a bit leery of men or tall boys til she gets to know them sitting down. Unfortunately, the pigs refuse to play with her, but she loves watching the fish and rabbit, as well as the view of trains out the front window. She has now passed dog 2.5! You would never know she had any issues before at all. And all this progress in a short 4 months. This girl learns at the speed of light! No counter stealing noted even. And the best news is that Daisy's fosters want to adopt her ***!!!!!!***

She has one last trip to the vets to check the lumps still there 3.5 months after her spay. They do not seem to be attached to her abdomen, but they are clumping together and becoming firmer with one new spot that is a small pea size. We will see what happens.

This is Ms. Daisy Mae!. She is a 2 and a half yr old Great Dane. She is HER puppy stage right now as she has had at least 4 litters in her short time and never got to be a puppy hardly herself. Daisy will never have to worry about having another litter as she is now spayed. She is on hold to adopt for now as she needs to learn some basic commands and gain some weight and muscles to get her girlish figure back. She does respond very quickly to her name from anyone.

Daisy has a lot of promise as a guardian dog. She let you know if something is different in the neighborhood. Daisy loves to give kisses and get lots of attention, typical of a Dane. A bit more on the clumsy side, but loves other male dogs and to play with them. Not tested on other female dogs yet. She is having to learn to be a dog since she was kept in a kennel for most of her life to date. We hope she will be ready in 6 months, but will let her determine when she is ready to be adopted.

Keep your eye on this girl, she has the potential to become quite the lady! The last picture is with my Dane, Ethan, whom I rescued and she was a kennel mate of. She also plays with Thor, who has already been adopted out and just waiting for the fence to be finished so he can go to his fur-ever home and his new mom and dad will train him as a PTSD dog.

for more pics of Daisy go to Petfinders @ this link

My name is Natasha and I am 8 weeks old so I don't know much of the world. I know my mom and dad and that my siblings are gone now. I heard they were adopted, and I need to be adopted too. I asked my dad what that meant and he said it means that someone will come and take me to their house to be their dog. They will love me, feed me good things and make sure I am safe. I also got told I will be vaccinated, which means shots to protect me from nasty germs and diseases that can make me very sick. Whew! that was a lot to learn at one time.
But let me tell you about me. I live in Montana and saw my first snow. It was fun to run in but cold. Dad said my paws would get more furry maybe and protect me from the cold. My dog daddy is a mix of German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees, but is not big. My mom is Border Collie and Pit Bull mix. I think look more like me, but I put their pic on here and will let you decide. I am told I am a typical puppy, all energy that does not where to go or what to do, so I get told NO a lot. I am learning that means to stop what I am doing. But I get right back in trouble again when I do something else. I need someone to help me learn how to be a good dog, to sit, stay, come when called, to leave it and to get out (but why would I need to get out anything except trouble.??? I am told I am very cute and even cuter when I am sleeping on my space.
I would love to have some kids to play with, maybe that will help me a good girl as I would play with them and take a nap when done.
There will be some things that will go with me so I feel less scared at my new home.

Please look at my pictures , mom and dad are the last one, and see how cute and loving I am. I can hardly wait to start a new life with someone soon!

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  • Conrad, MT 59425, USA
  • P.O.Box 565 Conrad, Mt. 59425

We are sorry if it takes a while to get back to you, but the dogs are our first priority in providing care and enrichment/training. We try to reply in 72 hours or less except for weekends for contact letters. If you have an emergency leave a message, & contact your vet or animal control for care.

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